VIGIL #ForOurFauna

Join the Vigil at Taronga Zoo

On the 4th of March, at 12.30pm Taronga Zoo staff will commemorate the loss of 3 billion animals that were killed in the recent Black Summer bushfires by hosting a "Vigil for Animals". The Vigil is a planned event for Taronga staff, with the hope that it will become an annual public event in the years to come.

The vigil will include a tree planting ceremony of a bushfire recovery species "Old Man Banksia", a traditional wildlife blessing dedicated to the wildlife lost in the fires, as well as staff reflections on Taronga's bushfire response. A minute silence will also be held in remembrance of all Australian wildlife lost in the devastating bushfires and there will also be the opportunity on the day for staff and guests to make their own personal pledge to help combat climate change.

Members of the public around Australia will be encouraged to take part in a social media campaign to help grieve the loss of so much of our beloved wildlife. An alternative may be holding your own local community vigil. People are invited to post their own pledge online with a photo of the tree or an animal online to #ForOurFauna #forthewild.

Host your own local community Vigil

You may not be able to attend the vigil at Taronga in person but you can also host a vigil in your local community.

  • Hold a moment of silence

  • Plant a native tree

  • Make and share your own pledges or choose one of our pledges

Why have a Vigil with the #ForOurFauna campaign?

Its important for animal lovers and carers to join together to grieve the 3 billion animals who were lost, and to create a better future for us all. This will be achieved by:

  • Increasing awareness and knowledge of how climate change is impacting animals.

  • Taking immediate action on climate change to protect animals from worsening extreme weather, such as bushfires.

  • Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas, and move as a community to renewable energy such as solar and wind.

  • There are lots of actions you can take as an individual, family or business to play a role in addressing the climate crisis. Learn more by taking one of the pledges outlined as part of this event.

  • Support a local climate action or animal welfare group such as Vets for Climate Action

  • Try a plant-based diet or a diet with less meat and more plants

  • Make your commute greener by using public transport, walking or cycling